Exports of fruits and vegetables grow 25.2% in 2011

Exports of processed fruits and vegetables grew by 25.2% in 2011 relative to theprevious year, reaching the amount of U.S. $ 1,461 million according to the Office ofAgricultural Studies and Policies (PASO).

The main product in this group were raisins, with $ 167 million in foreign sales. Frozen raspberries followed, with $ 128 million, and prunes, with $ 112 million.

According to the PASO, also highlighted the growth of exports of frozen blueberries,with a rise of 314% from the year 2010, noted the $ 91 million. Also significantlyincreased sales of virgin olive oil, which reached U.S. $ 24 million, 98.1% on the previous year.

23% of exports of processed fruits and vegetables in 2011 were destined for EuropeanUnion countries, 21%, the U.S. and 33% to Latin America.

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