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Nama Group

Nama Group, Chilean companies, provided with a solid trajectory of more than fifty years on the national and international market, adapting and perfecting each of its companies to the diverse requirements of the market.

Within Nama group, we can remark four big companies; Nama Internacional S.A. importer and exporter of agro-industrials products, Namazucar S.A., comercializadora of sugar, Investments Nama, dedicated to the investment in real property, and Sebastopol Ltda., dedicated to the development of agricultural areas.

The quality, seriousness and commitment of Nama Group has allowed that each of his companies should be respected and admired in five continents.

 Nama Internacional

Nama Internacional is dedicated to the exportation and importation of agroindustrial products sucha as leguminous items (peas, beans, clover, alfalfa, and other related products), fruits, dried products, cereals, etc… It has large scale product processing plants throughout Chile. One of the biggest of such plants is located in Linares (VII Region), where leguminous products and cereals are proceced, selected and packaged. The most important product processed at this plant are beans of all kinds. In the same region of Chile, Nama Internacional has raspberry, kiwi, blackberry and cranberry plantations. Such products are distributed by other export companies.

Nama Internacional´s other important processing plant, is located in Temuco (IX Region) and it is the first authorized lupin pea plant in Latin America, equipped with the latest technology. Lupins, in all their varieties are grown in Chile, mainly in the IX th region, and it the principal market for these products is the Mediterranean region.

Nama Internacional has considered the different needs of the market and its has been qualify to satisfy all their require, fulfilling their needs all over the world. All above has allowed Nama Internacional to become the number one Chilean exporter of lupins.


Empresas del Grupo

  • Nama Azucar

    Namazucar is a company dedicated to the comercialization and distribution of IANSA's (EDF MAN) sugar in all their varieties, satisfying the Chilean market.
  • Sebastopol

    Sebastopol is a company dedicated to the purchase and sale of agricultural lands. Its principal properties are located in Llay-Llay, Chile, an area where grapes, apricots, garlic and cherries are grown.The company also has lands in Colbun (VII Region) where beans, beets and cereals are grown.
  • Inversiones Nama

    Inversiones Nama is a company dedicated to the investment in the real estate. It owns agricultural lands, commercial offices, storage, apartments, processing plants, vehicles and throughout Chile.