Nama Internacional S.A. commercializes bitter and sweet lupins selected in his processing plant located in Temuco (9th Region), fulfilling all the most strict requirements of quality, which allows to satisfy all the necessities of his clients.

Scientific name : Lupinus
Other names: Altramuz, Tremoso, Lupini
Varieties in the world : Albus, Angustifolius, Mutabilis, Luteus
Cultivation in Chile : Cultivo anual superior a 28.000 ha..
Varieties : Principalmente Albus
Zone of Cultivation : IX RegiĆ³n de Chile, entre TraiguĆ©n y freire
Sow : Mayo – Julio
Harvest : Febrero – Marzo
Calibres: Gigante, mayor de 13 mm. Y PequeƱo, menor de 13 mm.